Hier kun je fossielen te koop of te ruil aanbieden. Ook bedoeld voor aanverwante geologische spullen.
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Re: Haaientanden?

Bericht door sjaak » 25 aug 2023, 18:38

renupadi schreef: 25 aug 2023, 12:44
monsilelig8 schreef: 23 aug 2023, 07:07 Depending on what kind of terrain the tanden are actually in and where they are located, this may change a little. The best thing to do is to upload some accurate pictures of the test subjects. Guestobsessed Survey
This may vary a little depending on the type of terrain the tanden are actually in and their location. The best course of action is to post some precise images of the test individuals.
Is dit een soort AI discussie ? 😃



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